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Musk test tunnel opened! First experience in the car: bumps and bumps

Sina Technology News Beijing time on the afternoon of December 19 news, Elon Musk's 2018 was extremely bumpy, but at least there is a bright light at the end of his tunnel. The Tesla CEO said that the 1.14-mile tunnel is the first step in solving deep-rooted urban traffic problems. In 2016, Musk, who was already busy between two high-profile companies, established a new company called Boring Company to try to solve the problem by digging tunnels.


Boring Company's tunnel transportation is called "Loop" and aims to alleviate urban traffic congestion. Unlike traditional subway or train systems, Musk said, Loop’s main line does not stop at stations from time to time. On the contrary, they have a series of tributaries that can send passengers in their vehicles to their destinations, and then they can be transported to the street by elevators.

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